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We are a full service plumbing company, serving Bruce County and the Peninsula. Based out of Wiarton, ON we are professionally trained, licensed and insured to handle all of your needs!

We are professionally trained to operate drinking water systems.  We specialize in testing your water and determining what is the best source of treatment. Call us today for an evaluation of your drinking water!

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Water Softeners

With over 10 years of experience in the business, we have a water softener that will fit your needs and budget.  Our installation includes an on-site test of your water quality, removal of your old water softener and a complimentary 20kg bag of salt.


We also service all makes and models of water softeners.  Often a simple repair can add years more to the life of your softener.

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Ultra Violet Disinfection

Biologically safe drinking water is your right and sources of contamination can't always be controlled.  Even Municipal drinking water systems can fail as we hear about boil water advisories in the media.


Ultra-Violet (UV) disinfection just makes sense!  It's exceptionally effective, environmentally safe and will not change the taste or appearance of your water.  


Residential (small & large), Commercial, Agricultural, Schools, Hospitals and Designated Facilities

Water Filter Faucet

Reverse Osmosis

Clear, clean and pure tasting water is more affordable than you think and is as simple as twist and click.  R.O. system installs are conveniently located under your kitchen sink and cartridges are easily changed without any tools or special wrenches.  Simply twist and click and no need to turn off the water.

See the benefits of Reverse Osmosis premium water from your tap.

Water Drops

Chlorine Injecton pumps & Accessories

Stenner Pumps, Peroxide, Chlorine, Flow meters are all examples of what we offer and can support! For more information please contact us.

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Iron & Sulphur Remover

Rust staining on your fixtures can occur with as little as 0.3 ppm of iron in your water supply whether you have a well or municipal water.  ...And that "rotten egg" odour when you turn on your taps can be a real nuisance.


Our solution is the Viqua Oxidizer with Birm media technology will effectively remove up to 10 ppm of iron and remove that rotten egg odour. 


We also service all makes and models of water filtration equipment including cartridge filters, back washing filters and carbon filters.

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Backflow Prevention


We now offer Blackflow Testing and Inspection. Testing is conducted after installation, repair, relocation or replacement of a device and annually thereafter in accordance with provincial codes and standards. Test Reports are submitted to the city/region on your behalf.

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